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Who would have thought that these two young lovers would find a different ending - this ending: It won't come as a surprise if I said two tragic passings happened in this house. You do have a haunting, an intellectual energy that won't stop fighting to be heard, but there's another power, an element of nature, like a catastrophic storm premeditating its course. I think this second energy lost its heart and soul a long time ago. It think it's ready to rip out someone else's.

1950s. Paris. Two people fall in love. And fall out tragically. Fifty years later, they cry for help from beyond. It's 2008. Toronto. This is Ben's time to uncover his home's secrets, to find justice in a way against anomalous terrorists he doesn't understand.

'This novel distinguishes itself in the realm of psychological thrillers through its skillful integration of scientific elements with the paranormal, creating a captivating mix of suspense and mystery. Meg Howald's characters are exceptionally well-developed, bringing an almost tangible presence to the story. The reader is drawn into the depths of the enigmatic force in Ben's house, slowly unraveling the terrifying scope of its capabilities.' -- Karen Pullman, Literary Titan

A great story idea is everything - memorable characters are everything else. When writing your novella or novel, go deep into their genealogy, talk to them, walk among them.

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