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Here's what I tell my creative writing students:  Soul-driven stories are only as mind-bending as the characters in them. Characters demand your full commitment to their world that becomes your world.  When writing conscious-expanding fiction, with layered trauma, and inescapable tragedy, you have to live in the heart of it, and that becomes your reality, your world until the work is finished.  At that point, like your readers, you don’t soon forget the power your characters had over you.

Readers fall in love with characters - a love-bond that can be as deep as those for 'real-life' people. Here's a quote from a recent review of Someone Died in My House: '...But what makes it unique is the perspectives of the well-drawn characters. The inclusion of multiple perspectives adds depth to the narrative, allowing readers to explore different characters’ experiences and emotions. Whether it was the forensic paranormalists Dr Rose and Dr Joseph with their insight on the house’s spirit or Ben’s buddy Mark with his humorous take on the most bizarre situations. All of it feels believable. At times, it felt like I was reading accounts of a true crime incident.' Thank you!

Dive deep into your characters. Readers are fully there for the fall, swim and finish line.

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